The Smartest Birds in the World

If you are a bird enthusiast or you just love watching birds, then you definitely know a thing or two about them. However, one thing you might not know and that is which birds are the smartest ones in the world. Of course, you know that some bird species are extremely smart and intelligent, but you most likely don’t know which is the smartest of them. luckily for you, we have done a research just to see which bird is the most intelligent species.

African Grey ParrotWe want to remind people that most of these birds are best to leave alone. We don’t recommend you going out and buying one of these birds just because they are intelligent.  If you are not prepared to take care of that bird, then you should never do it. That is because intelligent birds are usually the bigger ones, and they require a lot of attention and special care just to keep them alive and healthy.

African Grey Parrot

If you are looking to find the smartest talking bird in the world, the stop searching because we have found it. Of course, it is the African Grey Parrot that can be found in the rain forests of Central Africa. Just as any other bird, they only are able to mimic human speech, they don’t really understand what they are saying. However, there have been some recorded cases where these parrots are understanding simple commands or words.

As you might know, intelligent birds that are talking are quite nice, and they usually get attached to one person only. That’s why the relationship between the bird and the owner must be healthy because only then you will be able to shape and train your bird. They are able not only to say words that they are taught, but they are able to pick up different voices from their surroundings. In the wild, they learn these different sounds from their surroundings in order to fool predators.


This is a very common bird in the pet market but not many people that own them realize that they are extremely intelligent species. They are native to Australia, they are able to develop an outstanding vocabulary. Once this bird was a Guinness record holder for developing a vocabulary that consists of 1728 words. Not many bird species are lucky to have that amount of intelligence as this bird.

They like to imitate words they hear from their owner repeatedly. The one trick that not many people know about is that you should never put two or more budgerigars together in a cage because then you will not be able to teach them anything. That is because they tend to focus completely on that other bird. Male budgerigars are known to learn and talk a lot more than females, but females can also learn to speak. Therefore, if you want to have a pet bird that is very intelligent you need a Budgerigar. Keep in mind that you only want to have one because of the distraction issue.