The Most Beautiful Birds You Need to See

Golden Pheasant

Golden PheasantWhen it comes to beautiful birds, we cannot go further without mentioning the Golden Pheasant because this is one of the most beautiful species of birds you can see. The birds are beautiful because of their unique colors that they are presenting. Of course, there are some other factors that are affecting the beauty of a bird, but the color variations are definitely the number one factor. The Golden Pheasant is well-known for the colors of its feathers. The colors are packed beautifully next to each other. It is not easy to have that many colors and to look good, but the Golden Pheasant has succeeded and it is truly a bird that you must see at some point.

As you might know, depending on the gender of the bird, these colors are different. With this particular species, the males have much brighter and stronger colors than the females and that is of course, only because they need to show off their dominance. That is almost the case with all types of birds, the more colorful it is the more attractive it will be for the females.

Scarlet Macaw

This is a bird that you have most likely already seen in the zoo.  This is the largest species of bird in the macaw family. Of course, if you live in South America, then you have probably seen it even in the wild. They are famous because of their color variations that can be recognized from a mile away. They have mostly red feathers mixed with blue and green tones. A noticeable feature with this specific type of bird is their beak that is curved and has a black tip. Their beak is extremely strong, they can easily bite off your finger, after all, they can open up walnuts with it. the interesting thing that you maybe didn’t know about them is that when raised in captivity, they are able to live up to 75 years which is extremely long for a bird.

They are extremely intelligent and that makes them even more beautiful. However, the sad part with this species that people want to keep them as pets because of their beautiful colors and intelligence. The problem with that is that people don’t really know how to properly take care of these birds. They require a lot of dedication and they will give you a lot of responsibilities to take care of. People that don’t have what it takes to take care of them, they usually let them fly away and that is not good for a bird that was raised in captivity.


Flamingos are a bird species that you have definitely heard of before because they are a quite recognizable bird. Two things are making flamingos unique one is their beautiful colors and second is that they live in huge colonies that are consisting of thousands of other flamingos. Therefore, when you have the opportunity to see one, you will see a lot more. Also, their long legs are adding to their overall beauty.