The best bird watching destinations in the world

Birding or bird watching is a passionate hobby for many people in the US. There are plenty of spots and bird species to see in North America, but, if you want to see some exotic birds, you will have to go to a different country or even continent.

If you are not sure where to go, here are some of the best locations for bird watching worldwide.

1. Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a warm country known for beautiful beaches and tourism, but it’s also a favorite among bird watchers. The country has many nature reserves that are home to hundreds if not thousands of beautiful colorful birds.

You can observe everything from hummingbirds to quetzals and toucans. Most species are very colorful and it’s a joy to watch them. The most popular destination are the Wilson Botanical Gardens that house over 300 different bird species.

2. South Georgia

South Georgia is located just north of the South pole and it’s home for thousands of King penguins. You can come very close to the penguins for a better look, they won’t mind you at all. The penguins are the main attraction on this island, but you can also see gulls and other seabirds.

3. Colca Canyon Peru

Peru is a beautiful mountain country and its home for one of the biggest bird species in the world – the Andean condor. This bird has a wingspan of about three meters and it looks amazing while gliding through the cold mountain air. You can also find this bird in other countries on the continent, but Colca Canyon is where they come to nest.

4. Iceland

Iceland is a remote island country in North Atlantic. It is the only land in the ocean for thousands of miles around, which is why migrating Atlantic puffins come here during spring and summer. The birds make nests on steep cliffs, so you have to watch them from the shore.

5. Norfolk, United Kingdom

Britain is home for many bird watchers and Norfolk is where they go to do it. This area is home to many different bird species because it has different habitats to offer. Norfolk has everything from marshes to dunes that attract all kinds of birds including the marsh harrier.

Norfolk has a couple of very popular and beautiful wildlife reserves, Titchwell Marsh being the most popular one because you can watch birds arrive from the Arctic. The Clay Marshes are another popular bird watching spot because of the many seabirds that call it home.

6. Rift Valley, Kenya

The photos with thousands of flamingos that you see around the internet are probably all taken in Rift Valley, Kenya. Millions of flamingos gather here and this is their only place for breeding. It’s an awesome place to watch these amazing birds in their natural habitat. These birds live together in huge numbers so you can make some really incredible photos while watching them. Truly a site worth visiting.