Rarest Birds Found On The North American Continent

Rare birds are something of a goal of every individual that considers birding as a serious hobby. Birds whose numbers are small are hard to find in the wild, and they are on the verge of extinction due to various factors. Locating them requires dedication and time, and some of them are quite pleasant for both the eyes and ears.

Now, here is a list of extremely rare birds that can be found in the USA. Their numbers are small, but quite a number is kept in captivity to breed and prevent their full extinction. Looking for captive specimens isn’t fun, and no bird watcher is satisfied with that, so we will also provide rough locations where they can be found (we will delve deeper in particular species and where to find them in subsequent articles).

Large birds that are on the verge of extinction

Large-birdThe biggest bird specimen that is located in the North America is the California condor. This is also the rarest animal in the USA as there are only around 400 examples in the wild. The number might sound small, but just 30 years ago there were only 22 condors in the wild. They were all captured to avoid extinction, and the program was a success.

Mississippi Sandhill Crane (subspecies of the Sandhill Crane) is another critically endangered bird. There are less than 200 specimens, and the majority of them are found in the National Wildlife Refuge as it is the only natural habitat of this species.

Whooping Crane is another endangered species that lost its habitat due to the arrival of settlers. In 1938 there were only fifteen specimens of this species left. A breeding program was activated, and the species started a slow recovery, and there are around 500 of them at this point.

Rare birds that are worth the time and money

RareWith only around 2500 left, Island Scrub Jay is a rare bird species that sports blue and white feathers. The number of specimens isn’t as low as with other species, but it is still a bird that is hard to find due to its small numbers.

The California Clapper Rail reached the edge of extinction due to the destruction of their habitat. Humans destroyed marshes which are the only place where this species lives. Several programs were started to save this bird, and there are over 2000 specimens in the wild at this moment.

Extinct or rare – No one knows

Some people still believe that Ivory-billed Woodpecker is present, but there weren’t sightings of this species in the last several years. It’s considered either the rarest bird in the USA or another extinct species depending on who you ask. We hope that someone will confirm its existence as the bird is quite lovely.