Prime Birding Locations Across The States

Birding is a hobby that gives you the opportunity to travel around the country and spot some beautiful bird species. Bird watching can be accomplished on a smaller level as well. Almost every state has two or three locations that attract birds, and you can go there if your budget is tight.

Now, some states are at the better geological position, and their climate attracts quite a lot bird species throughout the year. Here are several locations in all parts of the country that might be in close vicinity to your home

Favorite birding locations on the East Coast

Birding-locationsIf you live in close vicinity of the New York and in that part of the USA, then you don’t have to travel too far to reach some excellent birding spots. Spots in this section are just the most visited ones, and there are dozens of other less known place where you can observe birds.

Mount Desert Island, Maine – Multi-biome bird watching location

Mount Desert Island is a dreamlike place that is a part of Acadia National Park and its unique location, within the park and the state of Maine, makes it a hotspot for various bird species. The secret lies in the geological features of this place as it has forest, mountain peaks, coastline as well as a bog. This makes it possible to spot various bird species throughout the year with an addition to seasonal migrations. The diversity of this place is something that can allow a birder to spot species that aren’t common on the East Coast.

Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge, Maryland – Marsh-like resort that attracts migratory birds

Migratory-birdsThis place contains a lot of marshes which means that it is a home to many eagles and marsh birds. That isn’t all that this refuge offers as it attracts geese and ducks that rest there during their migration. This place is created as a means of protecting waterfowl that rests here during its migrations, and other bird species took advantage of it.

The combination of the marsh, shallow water and forest creates a perfect habitat that attracts everything from marsh birds to raptors. Small birds such as vireos, flycatchers and Orioles can also be spotted here. Owls, wild turkeys, and woodpeckers are also known to spend some time in this place.

An oasis that keeps on giving

Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge, which is located in New Mexico, is built around an oasis that birds use for resting during migration seasons. This place is best known as a place where Sandhill cranes rest and the festival is held to celebrate it. But that isn’t the only thing that attracts huge crowds of bird watchers. No, there have been sightings of more than 375 bird species at this oasis, and that makes this place a hot spot for avid birders.

The USA is full of excellent birding locations

Having small budget shouldn’t be an obstacle for enjoying in bird watching. Every state has its climate and wildlife refuges have been built around different microbiomes that attract birds and other animals. This allows avid birders to enjoy their hobby without leaving the state.