New York – A Perfect Bird Watching City

Large multi-million cities tend to have little to no wildlife as animals don’t like people. But some birds are OK with people, and if they have some space to live, then they will survive there. Central Park in the New York is huge, and it’s not strange that it attracts various bird species. This is an excellent thing as it allows birders from the city to enjoy the hobby they like without having to travel to the countryside.

It’s possible to spot quite some bird species in the vicinity of the Central Park. The majority of birds spotted there are quite common, but some species represent kind of interesting spotting targets for birders.

Birds you can spot in and around the Central Park

Central-Park-birdsHooting in the Central Park is not something that surprises many people as people that frequent this place got used to it. The thing that they might not be aware is that the sound comes from the Great Horned Owl. This species is enormous and nocturnal, so it’s not easy to spot them. But every birder has a desire to spot this magnificent bird due to its size which makes it different than other owls.

White Pelican is a bird that is common to West and South of the USA. It’s presence in the East and especially in the New York is highly uncommon. It’s not easy to spot this bird in the New York as there have been only a few sightings during fall in the last couple of years. The last time this bird has been spotted in the New York, except for last few sightings, was back in 2012.

Snowy Owl is a majestic bird species that is a pleasure for eyes. Males tend to be white as the snow while females have smatterings of black and gray. They are relatively rare in the New York as they tend to breed in the Artic and spend a little time in the far north parts of the States. Several birders spotted Snowy Owls on the shoreline near Queens and Brooklyn, and those rare sightings are becoming more common due to the polar vortex that has been active in last few years.

Raptors that are spotted in the New York

New-York-birdsAbout forty Red-Tailed Hawk nests have been confirmed within the city, and that number is quite high for a predator like this. Several headlines featured this bird due to instances where they were rescued from several locations. The easiest way to spot one of those birds is during the flight while they make big looping circles as they hunt.

Peregrine Falcons are quite common in the New York, and the number of these birds is the highest when it comes to urban areas. They prefer high places to make their nests and skyscrapers within the New York are perfect for that. Spotting them during the hunt is difficult as they can dive at their prey at speeds that excel 200 miles per hour. This is a great hunter that captures the attention of both birders and common folk.