How to Spot Rare Species of Birds

One of the most asked questions that we get is about spotting the rarest bird species because not many people actually know the trick to this. Therefore, not many people are able to experience watching a rare bird. If you are passionate about birds and you love to watch them, then you most likely enjoy watching all kinds of bird species, even the ones that are quite common. However, if you are that passionate about them, then you definitely want to see some rare species once a while. These rare species of birds will give you a unique experience that you never had before, we strongly recommend going out in an adventure specifically to find rare species of birds.

spot a rare birdHowever, there can be some issues that can come across your journey, but not to worry, we are here for that exact reason. Teaching and educating people about the best methods and techniques to spot a rare bird is our passion. Of course, our main passion is to watch birds just like yours, but we have many years of watching experience and we want to help out other people that might be struggling with some methods.


The first thing that you must put a lot of effort into is definitely to find a good location where you will be able to spot a rare species of bird. To do this, you will have to know beforehand what you are after because that will give you the advantage because you can pick the best location where those types of birds are easily spotted. You never want to go with just luck because that will not be enough to spot rare birds. You must use other things to your advantage such as the exact location where you will be looking. Going out on random locations with the hope of spotting a rare bird is very risky because the chances of you spotting a rare species are quite low.

Remember, you have to be prepared and the first preparation step is to choose a great location. As mentioned before, the location can be picked depending on the species that you are after. Sometimes, this means that you will have to travel long distances, but if you are a true fanatic of bird watching, then you will go anywhere in the world just to see or take a picture of a bird.


The next thing that you want to focus on is to hide in that location, so the birds and other animals can’t see you. that is important because some bird species are quite afraid of humans, as you might know, therefore you have to camouflage yourself completely with the nature around you and just sit until you get the chance of spotting a rare bird. This will require a lot of dedication and hard work from you, but at the end, we guarantee that it will be worth it because that experience will be carved into your memory.