California – State That Draws Birders From The Whole World

California is one of a few states that can be considered as one of a few massive hotspots for bird watching. Quite a huge number of bird species spend part of the year in this state, and thus annual visits to it are a must for every serious birder.

One must know about locations that attract particular species to make the most out of their visit. Quite a few areas in California are worth visiting, and several famous places attract birders from year to year. Those important locations are the focus of this article as we will cover some basic data about them as well as some bird species that can be sighted there.

Tule Lake – Where the species variety is extraordinary

Tule-LakeTule Lake is a location that draws the largest number of species in the USA, and thus it’s not strange that it is a commonly visit the place. The primary reason for this is the geographical location of the lake as it is the main stopover for migrating birds on the Pacific Flyway route. Four wildlife refuges and hundreds of farmlands make up this area and hunting is strictly prohibited as some rare species can be sighted at this location.

More than 500 bird species have been sighted at Tule Lake including all types of birds from shorebirds to songbirds as well as raptors and waterfowls.

Deeper wetlands found in this area attract a wide variety of species from gulls and pelicans to diving ducks and terns.

Shallows and cattails that can be found within them attract egrets, rails, herons and other similar species.

Out of larger species, the bald eagles are also present, and they can be observed during the winter.

Those that prefer smaller birds will be happy to know that there are regular sightings of northern oriole, marsh wren, and other small bird species.

Monterey Bay – A huge birding hotspot

Monterey-BayMonterey Bay is known for many things such as otter spotting, whale, and bird watching as well as having the best aquarium in the USA. It attracts many rare birds as a location where they make a stop during their migration. The best time of the year is September, and that is the time when the majority of birders visit.

If you choose to visit Monterey Bay, then you will have to plan the trip as different parts of this place holds different wonders. If you go off the shore, then you will be able to spot jaegers, alcid, shearwaters and other such species. On the other hand, shore also attracts thousands of birds including passerines, California condors, and warblers.

California – Visiting is a must

Every birder that has a list of species they want to see should visit California and birding locations within it. The sheer number of species means that you will be able to spot dozens of bird species within a span of few days. So, if you want to enjoy your hobby, then California is one of the states you should go to.