Birding Locations In Alaska That Are Worth Visiting

The USA is a country that is full of excellent birding locations. Every experienced birder knows about dozens of spots where it’s easy to spot bird species that are rare and many of them are willing to share that info. Some of those spots aren’t famous while others are well known for the bird activity during distinct seasons.

The spots that we will mention are well known throughout the birding community as locations where it is possible to spot various bird species in their natural habitat.

Alaska – The land of birders’ dreams

It might sound strange, but Alaska is a home of some premium birding spots where you can see dozens of bird species throughout the year. The only thing that you need to know is where and when to go.

Three roads lead to Nome, and all of them are worth traveling

If you are one of those people that have time for their hobby, then you should take several days off in late May and go to Nome as it is a breeding ground for over hundred species of birds. This location is remote, and it will take over five days to come to it, enjoy in a day or two and return, so be sure to pack enough luggage to stay for a long time. The beauty of this place is that you will be able to see everything from arctic terns and red-necked grebes to mergansers, plovers, and red-throated loons. The access to the Nome is possible through three roads, and all of them will allow you to see and hear various species, so it’s up to you to decide which one to choose.Alaska

Denali National Park – A birding hotspot

Denali is another quite famous spot for birding on Alaska. It’s a well-known part of wildlife viewing and it there was over sightings of over 150 bird species, so it’s worth every cent to visit this place. Many of the species are seasonal, so an excellent guide will inform you about birds that you will be able to spot during the tour.

The beauty of this place is the diversity of the flora that attracts different species during certain seasons. Very few species call this place a home, but among them, you will be able to spot black-capped chickadees and golden eagles, as well as the northern hawk owl which is a highly rare bird. Being able to spot this own is enough of a reason to visit this park. If you are interested in raptor birds, then you should visit this park as there are regular sightings of dozens of species including merlins, northern goshawks, and gyrfalcons.

Alaska – A location every birder should visit at least once

Alaska is one of the states that is a must-visit for every avid birder. If you have money and time, then pack your bags and visit one of the Alaskan birding hotspots and you will enjoy the sight and sound of hundreds of bird species you weren’t able to see and hear in the continental USA.