Bird Watching – A Hobby And A Passion

Many people become interested in birds in their young age, but only a few of them grow up to be birders. Those who preserve their passion for birds tend to learn all there is to know about local species in early years of their life.

Those that turn bird watching into the hobby tend to learn to distinguish birds by their looks and their songs. Only people with patience and attention continue to nurture their passion toward birding because these animals are easily frightened by human presence.

The basics of bird watching at local level

Basics-of-bird-watchingIf you are new to birding, then it’s best to start with a bird feeder. Look at a guide book and set a feeder and prepare binoculars for observation. Birds are easily startled, so be patient and don’t disturb them. Using a feeder is just one way to attract birds, and it isn’t as useful as some natural ways to attract them.

Those natural ways require some space, so it’s best to choose a location that is far from urban areas. The best way to attract birds in your area is to plant bushes, flowers and other plants that are native to the area. Those birds are already familiar with them, and they have been eating those plants for hundreds of years. You will have to find out what kind of birds live in your vicinity as well as which plants they prefer.

The cache to attract all types of animals and to observe them is to remove all sources of pesticide and insecticide from the vicinity. Pesticides will harm birds, and it might lead to sickness and death in the animals. Insecticides, on the other hand, will exterminate insects which are primary food source of many bird species. If your garden doesn’t have insects, then many other animals will avoid it which destroys the purpose of building a garden for bird watching.

Apps that will help in birding

In the past, it was necessary to carry a bird encyclopedia to recognize various species of birds that you encounter. But in the age of technology that is not required because there are smartphones and applications. Several excellent bird recognition apps are available for all Android and iOS users, and they are a great way to confirming species of birds you encounter on your travels.

Applications for recognition of birds are quite simple to use, and they can work either to visual or vocal confirmation. Once you take a picture or record a sound, the software will run a comparison with huge data base and come up with a picture (or a sound) of a bird that you found. It will also have other data about the species that you can read through.