Bird Species with Amazing Beaks

When it comes to bird species, there are few things that you can immediately spot. The color variations, the size of their legs and the shape of their beaks. We will now talk about some of the most amazing beaks that bird species have. Some birds are using their feathers to attract females, and some use their beaks. There are some quite unique bird species that have a very weirdly shaped beak. Also, beaks can be colored differently depending on the species. Here is a short list of birds that have a unique beak that we think is amazing and you must see in person.

Rhinoceros HornbillRhinoceros Hornbill

When you see one of this bird, you will realize why they got that name. they have a horn bill that is curved upwards. This gives them a unique look that you most likely have never seen. The top part of their beak that is curved upwards is colored in red and orange. Unless you are living in Thailand or Singapore, you will not have the chance to see in wild one of these birds. Male hornbills tend to have larger beaks that females, that is because they need to attract females with their large beak.

Great Hornbill

This specific species of birds is one of the largest members of the hornbill family. They can be found in Southeast Asia, therefore if you are from the U.S. you need to travel a long distance just to see one in the wild. When you see one, you will definitely recognize it easily because of the bright colors that it has. This bird has a very large curved beak with colors of black and yellow. They have a casque located on top of their beak with a concave shape that has no purpose other than sexual selection. As mentioned before, birds are using their colors and beaks to stand out and be selected by females more easily.

Keel-Billed Toucan

When it comes to beautiful beaks that are truly amazing, we just cannot forget about the toucan family because they are a bird species that have an extremely colorful beak that is quite large. The Keel-Billed toucan can be found in South America and their beak is able to grow to a length up to 20 cm which is one-third of the actual size of their body. This Toucan species has a mostly green colored beak, but it has a red tip with some orange on the sides. A fun fact about this bird type is that their long beak is not affecting their balance. They are able to fly just as good as any other bird, they need that long beak because of the food that they are eating.

American White Pelican

American White Pelican

If you are from America, and you want to see a bird with an amazing beak, then the American white pelican is the bird for you. This is the largest aquatic bird species that can be found in central and South America. Their beak can grow up to outstanding 15 inches, they use it to eat fish.