Best Places To Catch The Spring Bird Migration

Every bird watcher understands the importance of spotting birds during their migration. Spring migration is unique as millions of birds fly from South America toward “greener” pastures in the North. Some of them settle in the USA while others just rest there and continue to the Canada.

This is an important even for birders as some birds can be spotted for only several weeks during their relaxing time. This is why it’s crucial to find premium locations where birds rest in huge numbers.

Premium locations for spotting migratory birds

Several areas pop-up in every article that addresses this issue and they are like that for a good reason. The number of birds, as well as variety, is extremely high and that attracts many birders every year.Migrations

High Island, Texas

High Island is one of the best locations for birders during April. This is an excellent location for those whose goal is to spot as many bird species in short period as possible. The record, up until now, is 294 species in 24 hours and that tells you a lot about this place.

Some call High Island as heaven for birders, and that isn’t far from the truth. Among hundreds of species, it’s possible to spot many buntings, tanagers, and vireos. SO, comes April, pack your bags and head out to Texas to enjoy this event that will change the way you look at birding.

Cape May, New Jersey

Cape-May,-New-JerseyThe Jersey Shore isn’t just a place where beachgoers frequent. It is also a place where northbound migratory birds rest and that attracts large crowds of birders. Cape May isn’t a large surface but the number of birds that land there is enormous.

If you search the internet, then you can find a lot of bird watching books that talk about this spot and all kinds of bird species that can be detected. Cape May is a birding location where many birders visit without any goals because it’s possible to spot all sorts of species that include some quite rare and hard to spot birds.

Magee Marsh Wildlife Area, Ohio

Magee-Marsh-Wildlife-Area,-OhioThis location in Ohio is a heaven for birders that are out of warbler species. It’s a well-known fact that it is possible to spot over thirty species of warblers in a day which is something that isn’t possible at other location. The more realistic number of warbler species that you will probably spot within a day is fifteen, and if you are lucky, then you might just spot one or two of rare warblers.

The spring is short – make use of it

The window of opportunity to spot migratory birds as they rest is short. It only lasts for several weeks in the spring, and it’s smart to make some unforgettable memories during it. All of the locations that we mentioned above, as well as much more that aren’t mentioned here, are excellent for that so it should be a no-brainer for an avid birder. Just choose the location that is closest to you and enjoys.