The Best Mobile Application For Bird Watching

Apps for birding are something new that came to app stores in the last couple of years. This removed limitations that paperback guides had and it made recognition of particular species quite simple.

An excellent thing about most of these applications is that you can limit them on the info that they will provide. If you don’t want some part of the info, then you can block it. But only a few hard-core birders will decide to do that. The majority of other people are happy to gather as much info about birds that they encounter.

Audubon Bird Guide – The most versatile birding app in the store

Audubon-Bird-Guide1Every creator will advertise their app as being the best on the market, but the truth is that there are good and bad applications. Over 200 applications can be found on the market, and the best and the most versatile out of all those is the Audubon Bird Guide. This app is the best at the market due to the amount of data it has and the features that it offers.

First of all, the app can identify over 800 species and provide a plethora of data about appearance (males and females might look different), natural habitat, behavior and other things that you are interested in. This app is updated on a regular basis, so all data you read is up to date.

The app has over ten hours of recordings of various birds which can help you recognize the species without visual confirmation (sound is sometimes the only thing you can hear as some birds prefer dense forests). This app contains sounds of birds in various seasons as well as other variations that will occur due to different factors.

Other features of this fantastic application

This application provides much more than just data about bird species and their songs. It also has maps that show a migratory and seasonal range of bird species so you can always find out in what area that particular species are at.

If you find yourself in a sector and you don’t know which species are there, then you can just access this app and find that out. It allows you to activate filters that limit the search of the species to specific regions

This application has excellent social networking features that allow you to upload pictures and to view photos that others have uploaded. You can review pictures that were taken in the region or an area where

Many other birding apps have features that are impressive, but none of them has the sheer number and quality of the features that Audubon Bird Guide offers.