American Most Wanted Birds

The USA is huge, and that is something excellent for people who are interested in the wildlife. The diversity of geological structure, as well as flora and fauna, makes it easy to take on birding and similar hobbies without the need to travel outside of the country as the USA has almost everything.

America has its share of rare bird species that tend to be high on the list of “birds I want to see” for every birder. Some of the species in question are rare, and their number is quite low while some of them aren’t native to the USA and thus it’s uncommon for them to be within the boundaries of the USA. In any case, here are some birds that are at the top of most wanted list for every serious bird watcher.

Spotted Owl – An uncommon bird that is common in the Grand Canyon

It might sound strange when one mentions the Spotted Owl, but that is the most common bird species in the Grand Canyon. It’s weird because this bird isn’t common at all. In the past, this owl has been a habitant of old forests, but it found complex and rocky terrain as a viable substitute.

Spotted Owl nests are usually located on steep-walled canyons and ledges on them. This is a perfect habitat for the animal as it provides a haven that is protected from natural hazards and the scorching sun. Even though they are quite common in the Grand Canyon, the number of these birds is just over 200, and this means that it isn’t easy to spot one of them.

Gyrfalcon – A bird at the edge of extinction

GyrfalconGyrfalcon is a bird species that is quite old as some evidence shows that they used same nesting grounds for more than two thousand years. This bird prefers cold and dry climate which means that it is usually found in Greenland, Alaska and northern parts of the Canada. Some variations of the species are also found in Norway and Russia.

Gyrfalcons are skilled hunters and the strange thing about them is that they tend to use same breeding and hunting grounds for a long time (as we mentioned up to over 2500 years). It’s sad to say that their numbers are on the decline due to change of the climate. If this trend continues then, this bird might go instinct in the future.

Elf Owl – Unity through numbers

Elf owls are beautiful and small birds, which is something that makes it disadvantageous for this species as their overall number is quite low. They tend to eat moths and other insects while they are a target of some large raptor birds. Large Horned Owls tend to eat their younglings, which is why they group up and fight back. Just six Elf Owls can drive away a Horned Owl which is more than thirty times bigger than this bird. If you want to spot this owl, then you will have to travel to the western Arizona, lower Colorado or Southern Nevada in the early October. This isn’t a surefire way to spot these birds as they are rare and endangered.